Terms of Service

This webpage contains all the information you need to know before starting to use the ZettaMODs website and download any MODs available on it. Please read it carefully. We consider the usage of (ZettaMODs) as an indicator that you accept the terms of service stated here.

Rules for Content Sharing

If you ever think of sharing or republishing our content on any other page there are a few rules you should follow:

  • You MUST KEEP the internal and external links inside the content under any circumstances.
  • At the bottom of the republished content, the website re-publishing it must add a notable and clear link to the source of the content(our website).
  • The content outline with all its titles and headings MUST NOT be removed or modified under any circumstances.
  • Images must be kept inside the content with links pointing to our servers.
  • Download links must not be replaced.

Correspondence with ZettaMODs

When submitting MODs, videos, images or any other content on ZettaMODs we assume that the submitted content is created by and belongs to you. If it is not the case you must give credits to the author of the content. When submitting content to ZettaMODs you agree and give full permission to our team to edit, modify or use your submission into further improved products.

Terms of Publishing MODs and Medias

The editor team of ZettaMODs is regularly publishing content on our website that belongs to one of the following categories:

  1. Archived media or materials that are under risk of disappearing.
  2. Media categorized under "Free For Commercial Use" license.
  3. Media categorized under "Creative Commons" license.
  4. Content, files and media submitted by our visitors with an agreement that the submitted content fully belongs to them.

Changes in TOS

We fully reserve the right to make any changes in the TOS and notify you no less than 15 days before going into action.