Legal & DMCA


The sole purpose of running ZettaMODs is to create game modifications that enhances and improves the playing experience of the games. All MODs shared on our website are free and we will never charge for MOD downloads. In the same time, we encourage you to buy the official versions of all the games on ZettaMODs before you download any MODs on our website because simply they will not work without the game being installed. By purchasing the original game you support the game creators and encourage them to create other beautiful games for the community. If you want to support the MOD creators this can only be done by donations.

DMCA / Removal Request

ZettaMODs DOES NOT create the MODs available on our website and we ask for the submitting parties to sign the agreement that all the art and media inside the submitted MODs are their own and are not part of intellectual work or copyrighted material. On the other side, we ask you to accept that all these MODs are fan base creations and kindly request the game studios to increase their line of allowance because simply they further improve the quality of the game and make it even more popular.

If you still believe that some of the content or downloads at ZettaMODs is intellectual work or copyrighted material you can report it and we will be happy to assist you with it and take the content down if the infringement is confirmed to be true. While sending the complaint we ask for the following documents in order to take it seriously:

  • A precise URL where the infringement work is located.
  • Your contact information as well as the company/individual information that is behind the complaint.
  • Legal documents that confirm the ownership of the reported material.
  • Authorization signature.

Collect the documents above and send them to us using the contact form or send them directly to our contact email ( with a title "Copyright Complaint" and our team will reach out to you no longer than 48h after the submission.