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Volcen: Loads of Mayhem MODs Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a relatively new game that was developed by Wolchen Studios and has been with us since February 2020. In the game, players have 3 scenarios and they should navigate various chambers and dungeons in order to defeat the monsters and at the same time to collect valuable things. The game is developed to work on Microsoft Windows and uses Cry Engine 4. It is an action RPG game according to its type.

The theme of the game is dark and the entire game is touched with a little bit of horror. Of course, this isn't the main element in the game while exploring, fighting and the collecting valuable items are.

It sounds like a perfect game to play every single day. But, there is one way you can make it much better. The secret is in the Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem MODs. With the MODs you can change the cost of the items merchants sell, unlock more items, add better drop-chest capabilities and unlock advanced character customization which include new hairstyles, skin and so much more. These are just a few examples. With the MODs, you can literally change everything in the game and tailor it to your own specifications. There are no limits.

We will post only the latest MODs and the ones that have no side effects on the game itself. You can use multiple MODs at the same time, remove, add new ones and etc. All our files are checked for viruses and malware and only the safest of them all are actually available for you. We will continue to add new MODs as soon as they are released in order to assist gamers get the most out of their game and enjoy as much as possible.