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Total Wars: Three Kingdoms MODs Total War: Three Kingdoms is a strategy game, turn-based more precisely. The game was developed by Creative Assembly and released by Sega in 2019. An interesting fact is that this is the 13th sequel of the Total War game. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows, but on the same day, Feral Interactive provided versions for other operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS. Today, you can play this game using any operating system without any distractions or limits.

Like all strategy games, MODs are available. We present you all-new and the most desirable Total War: Three Kingdoms MODs. They are developed by professional gamers and they can help you get new weapons and armors, make sure your generals stay alive, add Dynasty Warrior characters and add new items and followers to the faction. This is just at a glance introduction. There are over 200 MODs and we will post new ones as soon as possible.

It is mandatory to add that each MOD is tested with the latest version of the game before upload. You may want to update in order to stay safe. We will only post MODs that don't have any complications with the gameplay or anything similar. All Total War: Three Kingdoms MODs are compatible with each others. What this means is that a player can install and use multiple MODs at the same time. The game will remain stable and there won't be error codes, bugs or etc. You can download and use all the MODs if you like.