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The Outer Worlds MODs The Outer Worlds is a new game and the one that already has millions of satisfied gamers. In the game, players are located in foreign, distant worlds and they can start by creating their own character. Furthermore, a player can customize the character precisely as he or she wants and can recruit other, non-playable characters and use them as team members. Each player will get a ship, used as a central hub. Keep in mind that a player is unable to control the ship, but rather can use it as a fast travel portal and to restore strength. The game was released in 2019 in October more precisely and it is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In 2020 the game will become available for Nintendo Switch as well. The graphics and the scenarios of the game are completely original and don't have any similarities with other games of the same type. The Outer Worlds is action, role-playing game published by Private Division. The developer is Obsidian Entertainment.

Now, we introduce The Outer Worlds MODs. These are extensions, patches or additional files that can be added to the game. Each file is different and special in the lack of a better word. The MODs can allow you to change the graphics of the game and to modify various settings (turn them on or off) that are not available in the native game's UI. Other MODs allow you to travel fast across the game, to activate developer's options and so much more. Some gamers don't like the loading screens of movies at the beginning of a game. This can be removed as well, with a simple MOD.

All MODs are tested and approved. We will only post MODs that are perfectly harmless to the game and they won't affect the UI, stability or any official feature of the game. Players are free to try and use multiple MODs at the same time. Afterward a player can remove a MOD that he doesn't need anymore. With that being said, we must add that we shall add new MODs as soon as possible and allow gamers to enhance the gameplay even more. In order to make sure all MODs work well with the game, update to the last version. As we have mentioned, all the files are tested with the last, newest version of The Outer Worlds.