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State of Decay mods State of Decay was developed by Microsoft Studios and was released in 2013. The game features a world in which earth's resources are depleted and zombies are present. It is similar to other post-apocalyptic world games, but it actually features several genres into one. For example, the game consists of third-person shooting and strategy, while stealth mode is present as well.

In the game, you will lead a character who leads a group of people in the aforementioned world. You have 16 square kilometers of the ground map (only 8 square kilometers can be used) and you can place a base or forth anywhere you want. The base must be well-defended and you will have several resources to keep your eye on. Food is the most important one and it can be grown within the base. Ammo and construction resources can be traded with other factions. It is important to maintain your base and make it more immune to the attacks of zombies and gangs. The game has the main mission which can be played or neglected. As the main character, you have the ability to lead your people in any way you like. As such, the main mission doesn't have to give you guides for the actual gaming.

Now, there are a lot of facts and resources players must have at all times. This is the most interesting and the most complicated part of the game and all games of this kind. But, there are several ways of help you can get. All of them come in the form of State of Decay modifications or mods. Mods are game files that change the parameters of the game. As such, you can use a mod to generate specific or countless amount of resources, you can use a mod to develop base within minutes and you can use it to defeat the zombies.

There are no limits when it comes to mods for the game. Each State of Decay mod is different and can do a completely new thing. The sole purpose is to assist gamers to play the game without any stress involved and to adjust the mission of the game. For instance, with mods, you don’t have to gather all resources because you can generate them. This allows you to focus more on base development which is the most important activity for all gamers preferring strategy games. You can use multiple mods when needed without any issues.