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Stardew Valley mods At the first sight, Stardew Valley game may look like an ordinary farming simulator, but this isn’t the case! The game is actually complicated, comprehensive and story-based development which was released in 2016. The development latest 4 years and it is inspired by Harvest Moon game. In Stardew Valley you leave the city and come to the house your grandfather left you. The place is simply known as Stardew Valley. Hence the name for the game. Once you reach the destination, you can do countless things.

Stardew Valley is still based on farming simulation games. As such, you can raise livestock, plant crops, tend them and even mine ore from mines! A unique section of the game is related to the social relationships you can have in the game. For instance, you can meet other characters, hang out and even find a partner. There are countless possibilities and outcomes, due to the fact this game features an open-end scenario. It refers to the ability of the game to end differently for each gamer. There are no rules you must follow and you can end the game with different scenarios. An interesting addition is the ability to marry in the game. You can also play with 4 other players at the same time.

All games such as Stardew Valley are interesting because they represent the actual life placed on the screens of computers and laptops. But, there are no ordinary limitations which are common in the real world. The gameplay itself is rewarding and appealing for beginners, professional gamers and all in the middle. Keep in mind that you must keep all parameters high and you must focus your character on farming and social encounters. After all, the game is made and developed to represent real life in the virtual community.

As you would expect, open-end games and farming simulators have countless mods associated with them. The Stardew Valley mods are no different. With them you can make interesting adjustments, you can customize your home, farm, and character to look precisely as you like and you can tweak the game into meeting your specifications.

Mods also allow you to use different crops, to make unique items in the game and to meet other characters easily. With one mod, you can also gain as many resources you like, therefore you can focus more on casual gaming, without a need to follow the main rules of the game or to focus your efforts on actual farming. Don’t forget that this is just one example of many we can reveal. New mods are added as we speak, so there is no a way we can list and explain all of them.

No, you don’t need to be a hacker in order to use a mod. All you have to do is download and install the file and you are done. Mods are safe and won’t corrupt the game. Now you can finally enjoy farming in the virtual world as much as you want.