Better Drone Coop Logic SRML

Better Drone Coop Logic SRML
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Hey, look! Coops again! Who uses those? Actually, you might now...This mod changes the drone logic for coops to not suck. Here's what it was like in vanilla: Leaves 4 hens and 2 roostros ...and that's it. It doesn't even account for whether the coop is deluxe!Here's the new logic: Leaves 7 hens (normal) / 18 hens (deluxe) and 2 r...
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Categories: Gameplay Effects & Changes
Filesize: 4.37 KB
Download Count: 64
Latest Version: 1.0
Added by: Admin
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Last Updated: 08-04-2021

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Slime Rancher installed on your device.

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