Realistic Lighting Overhaul

Realistic Lighting Overhaul
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    Realistic Lighting for Skyrim Special Edition is OUT!Click the link below to see the SSE Version! Below! Click the corresponding flag for your language!     Mod of the Month for February 2013! Thank you!   Remember to Endorse or alternative...
5.0 finally released 10th June 2017!!!

As always Realistic Lighting Overhaul continues on in it's path as not only one of the oldest mods on the Nexus, but continues to be an awesome community project.

Thanks to all the volunteers that join the team through each version...It is nice to know that I was once a volunteer of this mod, and 4 years later it is still going strong.

RLO 5.0 Team:

Current Active Main Members :

Sydney666 (Tony) - Project Manager, Lighting design/Ideas, Writer, QA/Testing. Major City Interiors/Exteriors lighting. Community guy!
EAGnR (Edwin) - RLO programmer, bug fixes, Xedit guru and general modder. Smoke Effects (Texture) tweaks. Implementer of Dwemer Lighting Technology.
Ttabakova (Tatiana) - Minor City Interiors. Tester and compatibility patches.

Contributors :

Mindflux - Smoke Effects.
E10X11 (Brandon) - Riverwood, Shor's Stone and Rorikstead Exteriors.
Daemonui (Donovan) - Dawnguard DLC edits, General lighting edits, Weathers/Weather Tweaks.

Former Members and/or Special thanks to;

Mindflux - RLO Particle Effects and other concepts.
Toshaka - General Modding + Testing
Deathneko - General modding, mostly fixes and updates.
Puuloo for his help with the mod, his training on the CK and for some awesome moral support!
rgabriel - great videos, testing and great optimizations! Check out his Optimizations mod!
Mordekai for his work on Illuminated Spells!
MTichenor(Indigoneko) for his great help with the mod, pep talks + logos! Also great help during my times of need, especially through my illness.
Plutoman101 for letting me take over the project and his help getting me up to speed with everything.
Leviathan for all the work in this series with Skyproc and the original RLwC.
74 for all his work with the mod series.
DJ FrANKy EHP for the Translation and bbcode links
Realyan for the NMM installer!
LordSaulot + Trueno33 for work with the BAIN Compatible Installer
Mertz - BAIN installer for 5.0+
All the wonderful people on the Nexus who have helped with kind words, forum support and donated to the project in the past.
TESVEDIT because without it this mod would not have been completed!
Bethesda for making a really buggy lighting system and letting people like us fix it.
My wife and kids for putting up with me while I worked on the mod instead of throwing out the garbage and colouring in pictures (in real life).
Skyrim Nexus for allowing us to upload our mods!
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Latest Version: 5.0.3
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Last Updated: 11-04-2020

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Skyrim installed on your device.

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