Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
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Select Language   Italian | Russian | Spanish The three main components of Frostfall are Hypothermia, Cold Water Survival, and Camping.The primary objective of this mod is to add a deep, immersive level of gameplay to Skyrim, while keeping tedium to a minimum. An immersion mod should never get in the way of havi...
Isoku from Wet & Cold, for the excellent dripping water shader (used with permission) (used in Frostfall 2.0 and newer).

OpticShooter, for Get Wet - Water FX dripping water shader (used with permission) (used in Frostfall 1.6b and earlier).

Snowberry Extract bottle from Bouteilles de vin transparentes - Transparent wine bottles by Gerauld and Yuril.

Small hide tent mesh from Tumbajamba.

Fur cloaks by Lorelai.

Stone arrows by Hypno88.

Bound equipment shaders and textures by Foster Xbl.

Survivor's Guide texture by Doccdr.

Survivor's Guide book mesh by DanielCoffey.
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Categories: Immersion
Filesize: 10.45 MB
Download Count: 9
Latest Version: 3.4.1
Added by: Admin
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Last Updated: 27-07-2020

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Skyrim installed on your device.

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