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Planet Zoo MODs Planet Zoo is a game developed for Microsoft Windows and it was released on the 5th of November 2019. Your mission is to develop a zoo and fill it with 80 different animal species. Keep in mind that all animals are controlled by AI which means that have the same requirements and the same characteristics and real world animals. For instance, wolves will be only interested in packs and corresponding mentality. This also means that each animal has different requirements and you as a zoo manager must make sure all works perfectly.

With the Planet Zoo MODs, you can unlock the potential of the game to a completely new level. First of all, you can use MODs to add new animals, to replace some of the existing ones and also to add animals such as unicorns or magical creatures. Other MODs help you manage the zoo easily, by making the animals behave properly and by adding more food or etc.

We test each and every MOD before uploading to the site and we guarantee you that they are safe for the game and they will not affect the gaming. New MODs will be added as soon as they are developed. You can use multiple MODs with the same version of the game.