DarNified UI

DarNified UI
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This mod gives the Oblivion UI the most extensive facelift yet. It's goal is to rid the pc version of the horrid xbox interface. Fonts are smaller, settings can be adjusted in game, user controls are scaled, more info on screen, and the hud is vastly improved.OBMM InstallThis requires OBMM v1.1.12+ and 'Allow additional script types' to be set in O...
Beider & Tikigod for BTMod
Theo Habit for the Font Generator
Darkbirdy for DarkUIfying my DarNifications and sending bugfixes
Gothic251 for DarkUIfying my DarNifications and sending bugfixes
wz_ for offering his excellent inventory
Eugen Prediger for allowing me to rip off some of his ideas
Timeslip for OBMM and implementing my suggestions
Fawzib for TweakOblivion
ScripterRon for making DarNified Books easy to deal with
MiSP for his omod script
Brumbek for his tiling fix
dongle for his Oblivion font
Tobit for DarNified Books for OOO
Wrye for taking DarNified Books off my hands
Bethesda Software for making some of the most enjoyable and buggy games I have ever encountered
Everyone making bug reports, suggestions and feeback!
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Categories: User Interface
Filesize: 10.77 MB
Download Count: 8
Latest Version: 1.3.2
Added by: Admin
Date Added:
Last Updated: 21-05-2020

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Oblivion installed on your device.

Download DarNified UI MOD (V1.3.2 - Latest)
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