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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion MODs Oblivion is a game released in 2006 and despite the name which is the same as the popular movie, it doesn’t have anything to do with it. The full name of the game is actually The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and it is the 4th sequel of The Elder Scrolls franchise. The game features an open world in which you should prevent Mystic dawn from opening a portal to the Oblivion, a demonic realm. If they succeed the world will be destroyed.

The game itself is reasonably complicated due to the fact it is based on fantasy. You get 7 skills when creating your character and those skills can be enhanced as you play. You can also add new ones and make your character more capable, more powerful. The open world provides countless interactions, impressive graphics and a high level of attention to details. Also, you can travel literally anywhere in the game with your character. All of this made Oblivion the best sequel of The Elder Scrolls and the most popular.

Still, the game is complicated for some players. It has a lot of possibilities, elements that are based on pure fantasy and complicated gameplay in general. There is a way you can use to make all of that much, much simpler. Oblivion mods are here to assist you.

If you take a small glimpse to the mods mentioned below, you can see what they are capable to do. You can finally remove the game’s limitations, improve your character easier and faster and you can even get new skills. Mods act as a game cheats and they can change almost anything. All the mods are developed for gamers by gamers meaning they offer precisely what you have been looking for so long. Try out multiple Oblivion mods in order to adjust the game suit your needs.