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My Summer Car mods My Summer Car is a game like no other. In the game, you will have to assemble the car from scratch while the character's parents are away on a holiday. The gameplay is located in year 1995 in Finland and a player assumes a role of 19 years old teenager. Your mission is to find the parts, earn money to purchase new parts and complete your built. The game allows you to work as a driver or many other jobs to collect money and invest it in your car. The car featured in the game is Satsuma AMP, better-known as Datsun 100A. The car is located in your garage and it is completely disassembled. You will have to start from scratch.

All games of this kind are extremely appealing for MOD developers. As such, we present you My Summer Car MODs and we invite you to try them out and see which features you can get that are completely new and original. The MODs for the game allow you to open and close fuel tank doors, to see the size of the bolts when looking for them and also to modify the save game files and adjust them accordingly. In addition, other MODs will change the gauges at a car, organize the garage and so much more. Each MOD is completely unique and does a new thing in the game.

We tested all the MODs with the latest version of the game and they worked perfectly. In the near future or better said as soon as possible, we will upload new MODs and allow you to use new features and new ideas. Gamers can use as many MODs as needed in the game and the game will work perfectly. Only the safe MODs are uploaded here and each one is properly tested, as we have mentioned earlier.