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Metro Exodus mods Metro Exodus was published in 2019 (15th of February) by Deep Silver and it is the third sequel of the well-known game. In this version, a gamer is placed in Russia, in the year 2023 and he must fight monsters and humans in order to survive. The list of weapons is massive and the game is special in this aspect. You have the ability to make your own weapons with the help of the materials you gather while wandering the world.

Gamers also like more advanced features in the game. You can experience day/night cycle, various weather conditions and so much more. The game is appealing to play and it features sandbox and conventional levels. The entire gameplay is presented within a single in-game year. Keep in mind that it combines stealth and horror characteristics.

In order to make the game easier or more gamer-friendly, you will need to use Metro Exodus mods. They are launched a few days after the game was and they bring countless improvements. Yes, new mods are being developed as we speak. Mods will help you get all the weapons, change the difficulty level and also enhance the graphics of the game. All gamers can download and use multiple mods.