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Mass Effect 3 MODs Mass Effect is a game so popular that it almost doesn’t need any introduction. Mass Effect 3 is a sequel that continues the story of Mass Effect 2 and ends it! It is focused on the intergalactic war between the humans and the organic aliens known as reapers. You will be in the shoes of Commander Shepard who is trying to build powerful alliances and to defeat the enemies. Yes, it sounds easy, but the game has so many actions and possibilities that it is heaven for gamers who want to enjoy gaming on the next level.

The story of the Mass Effect 3 is set in the year 2186 in our galaxy. The weapons, the armors, aircrafts, and vehicles are all futuristic. Gamers appreciate the world, the graphics and the story among other things. One, an important advantage of the game is voice which was rated as one of the main advantages Mass Effect 3 has to offer. The game works on multiple platforms, including Windows operating systems. It is excellent if you started with Mass Effect 1, played the second sequel and now you want to complete the story with the Mass Effect 3. However, some of you will be disappointed with the end of the game. It isn’t as great as the rest of the game and most gamers expected more.

Luckily, you can change it. As a matter of fact, you can change almost anything that is involved in the game. The Mass Effect 3 mods are here to help you. There are so many of them and each one has a unique capability. We will never list two same mods. Each one has been properly tested with the different game versions and each one is a stable version. Stable means it won’t crash or corrupt the game’s files. The bottom line here is that you can try out all possible Mass Effect 3 mods available below and choose the ones that meet your criteria.

New mods are added frequently, so the next time you land on the page you can experience and try new ones. In other words, you can get more skills, better weapons and even import saved files. Like other versions of the game, Mass Effect 3 supports importing of game save files and allow you to start a game from another level. It is essential when you encounter a complicate or annoying mission and you simply want to pass it as simply as possible within minutes.