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Lobotomy Corporation MODs Lobotomy Corporation is a game inspired by monsters. But, rather than playing with them, you have a mission to capture and manage them. The first thing to reveal is that the game is indie and simulation in the genre. It features monsters such as the ones from Cabin from the Woods and SCP series. A player is in charge of a massive company hunting down the monsters and using their power sources. This means that you are in charge of capturing and using the monsters for different purposes.

Lobotomy Corporation MODs are finally added to the section on our site. Some are able to make the game easier, literally changing the hardness levels. Other MODs allow you to find missing items, add armors and power tools while the third can change the appearance of the characters. The possibilities are endless. We will upload a massive list of MODs developed for this game and that number will only be higher over time. In addition, all the MODs are tested by the team of gamers at our facility to make sure they do not have side effects on the game nor gaming. All of them are tested with the latest version of the game.