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This mod is a reworked and improved version of my previous mod, Dawn of Heroes. It adds 8 new classes in addition to 6 vanilla classes, which aim to enhance your gameplay and to diversify your gaming experience, allowing to play classes/combinations the vanilla game lacks of. For example, you can play as a healer with your friends if you pick the D...
Elfe for People Are Lazy
jiaco for Grimmer & Grimmest
Unknown authors from the Internet for skill icons
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Categories: Miscellaneous
Filesize: 88.20 MB
Download Count: 369
Latest Version: 1.9.9
Added by: Admin
Date Added:
Last Updated: 08-04-2021

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Grim Dawn installed on your device.

Download Cataclysm MOD (V1.9.9 - Latest)
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