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All items with a crafting time have the speed doubled.Installation:Download the zip file. Extract both files (.dll and .json) into GraveyardKeeper/QMods/FasterCraft/Mod will be active the next time you boot up the game.Original method for changing crafting speed courtesy of sroloc.Source:
/u/Sroloc for original crafting speed modification code and permission to update and repost it.
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Categories: Gameplay / Miscellaneous
Filesize: 2.68 KB
Download Count: 25
Latest Version: 1.1
Added by: Admin
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Last Updated: 10-04-2021

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Graveyard Keeper installed on your device.

Download FasterCraft MOD (V1.1 - Latest)
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