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Graveyard Keeper mods It is probably one of a kind game you haven't seen or played ever before. Graveyard Keeper is precisely as the name suggests. It is a small game with countless options based on management. The game was released in 2018 and it was considered as one of more popular developments. The developer is Lazy Bear Games and the base of the game is borrowed from Harvest Moon. They have the same engine and they run in a similar way but there are plenty of differences.

In Graveyard Keeper, you get a small part of the soil which is loaded with old buildings, trees and etc. You inherited it and now you have a simple mission. You need to remove the buildings, trees, and all other issues and manage a gravesite. You can also construct a church in order to get donations and manage the financial aspect of the game. This is just the pure base of the game. While playing you also must manage all the graves, the overall appearance and so much more that will help you gather more resources and improve our site.

As you can see the Graveyard Keeper is a strategy game and with all the games of this kind, we can see a need for more resources, bypassing of some rules and so much more. You can either hack the game, which is almost impossible or you can use simple Graveyard Keeper mods. They refer to the modification files which will change some aspects of the game and make it better, more appealing and more desirable. For instance, you can get unlimited resources.

The mods have been tested with several versions of the game. All of them got high rates and they don’t have a negative effect on the game files. New ones will be added soon, so you will literally get more options.