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Far Cry New Dawn mods Far Cry New Dawn has been one of the most desirable games that appeared in this year. It is set in the period of time after the Far Cry 5 and it shares a lot of elements. For instance, some characters are the same, the map is similar and the capabilities are the same. That being said, you still can customize your character, use vehicles, use various weapons and even craft your own ones. There are posts across the map which, when discovered help the player reach another point on a map instantly. The new weapons are obviously added. One that is very desirable is Saw Launcher which ejects spinning blades.

As always, gamers are looking for a way to make the gaming experience better and to make the game different. There is only one way you can do all of that, and it is only available in the form of Far Cry New Dawn mods. They stand for modifications and they will change some element or multiple ones of the game. For instance, you can get all the weapons in your arsenal, you can travel across the map or you can customize your character even more. New mods are constantly added so in the future, you can change anything related to Far Cry New Dawn.