Full Dialogue Interface (All Languages)

Full Dialogue Interface (All Languages)
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Full Dialogue Interface What does this mod do? The Full Dialogue Interface mod makes the game display the full lines of what your character is going to say in conversation, instead of just a paraphrase. It also revamps the interface so that the game will now display dialogue options in a list and use the number keys/face buttons for input, depend...
shadwar for the original New Dialog mod.
mcguffin for developing the Fallout 4 Translator utility.
ZeroByDivide for the initial build of Full Dialogue Interface's NMM installer.
Commander19 for help formatting the full description on the mod page.
Stryke131 for the String Patcher tool.
x360w for the BA2 Repacker tool.
Aryn for letting me know when the official, vanilla Japanese strings had been updated.
MOD Details:
Parameters Values
Categories: User Interface
Filesize: 69.88 MB
Download Count: 6
Latest Version: Beta12
Added by: MaximuSR5
Date Added:
Last Updated: 18-10-2019

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Fallout 4 installed on your device.

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