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Enderal mods All gamers who like Skyrim game have the opportunity to try something new. It is a special mod for the just mentioned game named Enderal: Forgotten Stories. The mod is massive in size and it replaces all the known characteristics of the original game. You will be presented with a new story, new world, and new characters. The mod itself is more a completely different game that has the same gaming style as Skyrim.

The world itself is massive and offers countless surprises and even more capabilities. Gamers will have a ton of fun while playing the game and trying to complete the mission. But, the sequel is no different than other games of the same kind. It is loaded with possibilities, but some are limited or complex. In order to bypass them, gamers need special Enderal: Forgotten Stories mods.

The mods are powerful tools that transfer the game into something special, something even better. Some mods will allow gamers to get an in-game house, others add manager which tracks the item finding and makes it easier. Other mods can change how the character looks and adapt it so it looks precisely as a gamer want. Each mod is different and allows you to do a different thing.

Mods are safe to use and they are tested before upload. They won't affect the files of the game nor will they corrupt the same ones. Use a mod as long as you like and once you don’t want it, remove it and try another one. It is so simple.