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Dragon Age 2 MODs Dragon Age 2 is a sequel to the popular game released back in 2011. The game is set in the world known as Thedas, a world inspired and filled with dragons, magic, and extraordinary constructions. In the game you will lead Hawke, a powerful warrior who starts his life as a poor person but rises to the throne. Your mission will be to keep the evil forces away from the world and you can use all kinds of weapons and moves to achieve the main mission. Armors are the next best thing and there are a lot of them, all special in their own way.

There are a lot of customization possibilities within the game and they are stunning, but not sufficient. If you want more, there is only one solution. You will need to use Dragon age 2 mods in order to tweak the game settings and capabilities. There are plenty of mods right now and you can use them for changing the hair color, add new armors, you name it. Even more mods are being developed today so tomorrow, you can use them for all kinds of additional tweaking of the game. There are no limits and all mods have been checked before uploaded below. Only stable mods that don’t corrupt the game are presented to you.

With the mods you can enjoy gaming more and you can make the game suitable according to your individual preference. All the limits can be removed, but more importantly, new possibilities will be added. Mods work with all versions of the Dragon Age 2, but make sure to have the latest version so you can use new and future mods. When it comes to the number of mods you can use, there are no limits. You can use over 2000 mods and the game will stay 100% operational.