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Boneworks MODs Boneworks is one of the best and most sophisticated VR games available online. In the game, your mission will be to escape a research facility using powerful weapons and all sorts of gadgets. The game was released on December 19th of 2019 and it is available for Microsoft Windows. It is available of Steam. The game uses Unity engine which makes it compatible with all PC compatible virtual reality goggles and headsets. In addition, it is available on the Oculus VR store and offers the same features but with additional limited sandbox mode.

With Boneworks MODs you have the ability to modify literally anything. The MODs allow you to use gloves that match your uniform, change the appearance of weapons, wear different suits and also change the logos that appear through the game.

All MODs are safe for the game and they won’t cause any reliability issues. We will make sure all the files are tested and approved before upload. New Boneworks MODs will be added as soon as possible, as soon as they are released. Make sure to update to the latest version of the game to get all the perks possible. In the future, we will add more sophisticated and more appealing MODs for the game.