Kikaku's Ninja Pack V1.25

Kikaku's Ninja Pack V1.25
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Latest Patch Update:Fixed senban and bo shuriken piercing behavior (thank you to bermthesequel for letting me know something was broken). Modified the colliders/damagers and beat on Unity until they behaved as intended: Mod Contents: Nodachi [Battlefield Sword] with spiked tsuka gashira [Pommel]Jutte [Forked Iron Truncheon]Kama [Sickle]Shuko [Hand...
Created by: Kikaku
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Categories: Blade & Sorcery
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Latest Version: 1.25
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Last Updated: 20-10-2019

Important! In order to be able to use this MOD, you need to have the Blade & Sorcery installed on your device.

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