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battletech mods BattleTech is probably one of those games you have been playing for so long. Basically, it is a strategy game that is turn-based and comes with interesting and impressive features. In the game, you will lead 4 mech vehicles which are essentially large robots. Your mission is to customize them by upgrading the armor, weapons, and mechwarriors or the pilots of the machines. Add the fact that the game is available on all major platforms and you can get a clear idea of the popularity the development has to offer. In addition, all pilots have skills that a player can customize and explore using skill tree.

Now, let's discuss the main thing or the BattleTech MODs. All the mods you can see here are developed for the game in question and they have been tested. Only those that are 100% safe to install and use are available for download. The mods below have various perks. Some mods can affect the user interface. For example, you can get Norse Symbols. Others offer you different plaques and symbols to use in the game, making customization more appealing and more advanced. Then we have mods that will change the skills of the pilots, unlock additional weapons and also change the length of career. It lasts 1200 days but you can play it for 3000 days.

Each mod is available for download and it works with the latest version of the game. You can try and use multiple mods and remove them when you like. Soon we will add new mods that will make your gaming even better and give you the freedom you have been searching for. The mods are compatible with different platforms according to the game and won’t corrupt the game files. Also, you can use more than one mod at the same time and there won’t be any issues.