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Battle Brothers mods Battle Brothers is a turn-based game with unique and somehow funny gameplay. You will be placed in the medieval world and you have the ability to move your army whenever you want, to explore, fight and defeat various opponents. You can also choose which characters to train and add to your army. The Battle Brothers has open world gameplay which is the most popular among gamers looking to play versus different characters. There has to be mention that the game features a fantasy world. Gamers can also pick which contracts to use and which to decline and also how to equip their army.

Many gamers believe that turn games cannot be improved that much. This is a common myth and in reality, these games are the best for players looking to use tweaks. We present you Battle Brothers MODs. These MODs are extremely powerful. You can use them to fix and modify all the issues in the game, to activate other MODs and control them from software and also to add new skills, AI modifications and also add new characters. These are just a few examples of the more popular Battle Brothers MODs we have. In reality, there are countless MODs we have and we will upload any time soon.

All the MODs present here are tested and approved by our team. They are safe to the game and they won't cause stability issues. In addition, using multiple MODs for the same game is possible and allowed. We will continue to test and upload new MODs as soon as possible. Make sure to use the latest version of the game just in case some MODs require it to be installed and used. If or when you don't want to use MOD you can remove it within seconds and install a new one.