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Anno 1800 mods Anno 1800 has millions of active players and it is known as the ultimate strategy. Like all other games of this genre, the developers had to add countless, virtual boundaries. They make the game easier to play and require from you a longer period of time to reach a higher level. But, what if you want something completely opposite?

There is a solution available in the form of Anno 1800 MODs and they are precisely as the name suggests. These mods are made to give you resources, speed up construction or change literally anything you want in the game. Yes, you can also get a mod that will allow you to build new facilities and recruit new soldiers. There is no need to hack the game or anything like that. All you have to do is to download and install the mod. As soon as you are done the game will utilize the selected mod and you will be ready to enjoy the game more than ever before.

The last things we want to share with you is the fact new mods will be regularly added. Each one of the available today and the new ones is tested on the latest version of the game at that very moment and safe to use.