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A Plague Tale: Innocence mods All gamers that love stealth and Sci-fi games will adore the A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game itself is a masterpiece and one of the best-known games of this genre. There are no a lot of things you can change or improve or there are?

Yes, you can make this great game even better. The secret is one of the available A Plague Tale: Innocence MODs. To remove any suspicion, all the mods are tested before upload and they are safe to be used. You can even use multiple mods with a single game and it won't damage or affect game's files. New mods are added on a regular basis and the next time you visit this very page, you will have even more possibilities to choose.

Mods are additional files you will add to the game itself. They can help you get the specific ability earlier, unlock hidden levels and items in the game or simply tweak the overall appearance of the game. The main purpose is to make the game appealing for a specific gamer and to remove any limits set by developers. Each mod is different and designed for just one purpose. The best one of you is probably already on the page here.