Top 14 Games to be Released by the End of 2019

Year 2018 was excellent when it comes to games. A lot of wonderful and impressive developments hit the shelves and plenty of sequels for the most popular games were released. The year 2019 is going to be even better. There are thousands of games that will soon be released and below you can see the best ones. It is your choice which ones you like the most, but we know that all gamers will play several if not all games from the list.

The Best 14 Games of 2019

14. Star Wars: Jedi, Fallen Order

star wars jedi fallen order

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be launched at the end of 2019 and there are just a few facts we know about it right now. First of all, the game will be set in a timeframe after Episode III. The game will feature Jedi Padawan and should provide basic elements of Star Wars movies. We also know that the game will be focused on Order 66.

If we add that the game is released under Electronic Arts and it is based on the most popular movie of all times, it isn’t difficult to understand that the game is going to be extremely successful. The only drawback is the time we have to wait in order to get the game.

13. Pokémon


Pokémon, all-new game is common in late 2019. The precise date is still unclear so we don’t have information when and where the game will appear for the first time. The same goes for the information and details about the game. There are no useful data released at the moment.

All we know is that the game will provide the all-new world to explore, ability to catch new Pokémons and so much more. It is one of the most expected games in 2019 and we all know that it is going to be extremely popular.

12. Phoenix Point

pheonix point

All of us will have to wait for the game to be released. As a matter of fact, it will come in September of 2019. The game itself is a combination of several genres. Apparently, it combines the gameplay of strategy, turn-based, and shooting games. This simply means that you have countless options at your disposal and you can do pretty much anything in the game. This also means that the game is complex.

When we mentioned complex, the Phoenix Point will have all-new shooting system. What this means is that you or your soldier misses, he may hit a civilian or even a gas tank! It is important to stay accurate as much as possible and to aim at all times. In addition, you can also customize your soldiers and make them stronger.

11. Rage 2

rage 2

Are you looking for a game that allows you to shoot, to ride and to be aggressive as much as possible? If you do, then the Rage game is suitable, or better said it was suitable. On May 14 you get the ability to try out all-new version simply known as Rage 2. The game doesn’t look special. It is set in a world that looks like Mad Max film set, it is loaded with all kinds of weapons and vehicles. But, it is published by the same company that published Wolfenstein: The New Order and new Doom.

All of this means that the Rage 2 has a huge potential. We only expect that shooting feature will be so much better than the first sequel had and somehow be based on Dooms shooting capabilities. We already know that the graphics is phenomenal and probably one of the best you will see.

10. Days Gone

days gone

On April 26 you will be able to start playing the Days Gone game. It is far from a completely new game or radical development, but according to Sony, it brings several tweaks and countless improvements compared to similar games. It is an open world game and here you will have to fight zombies, destroy your enemies and so much more. There are no limits on what you can do in the game and this is something that will be the number one for most gamers.

Graphics is much better in this game than in similar ones. There are a lot of gangs in this world and there are even more options you can use to defeat your opponents and zombies. Now is your turn to enjoy the game which is probably going to become the best place for those who like open worlds.

9. Tropico 6

tropico 6

Tropico 6 comes on March 29 and it is a significant improvement of the 5th sequel. For those who don’t know the game, Tropico sets you in the seat of a president of a country located on Caribbean islands. Your mission is to lead the country, built bridges, monuments, adjust the tax, steal other country landmarks and so much more. However, you must do this and make the residents of your small country completely happy. If they are unhappy, they may rebel and you will lose the game!

Tropico 6 is far more complicated than any other sequel. Now all the residents have memory and their personal desires. If you do something bad for a resident, for example, his family will keep that in mind and they can start a rebellion. Every single resident is 100% simulated and has his personal opinion and wants a different thing.

8. Yoshi's Crafted World

yoshi's crafted world

In the end of March in 2019, on a 29th day more precisely you will have the ability to start playing the Yoshi's Crafted World. It is one of those games that are widely popular and were desirable for Nintendo Switch back in 2018. However, now this is a standalone game that is available for all kinds of gaming platforms.

Yoshi's Crafted World is interesting simply because of the world where it is located. A gamer will be located as Yoshi in a world made of cardboard. All the items are handcrafted and all of them have two main elements. The first one is shiny, colorful exterior, while the second one is cardboard interior. You get the ability to see how stuff works and to explore the world Yoshi lives in.

7. Sekiro


The game will be released on March 22 and it brings several elements onto one development. The main one is stealth gameplay. After all, you are a ninja so you must be stealth while doing your "job". The game doesn’t have online interactions anymore and spawning the character is done immediately. This version doesn’t use pattern recognition anymore, so you will need some time to get used to new gameplay.

Sekiro is already shaking the world of gamers and it is probably one of those games that is going to be super-successful and popular in 2019. It is basically a completely new game without many similarities with other games of this kind. The graphics is also one of a kind and for most of us, stunning.

6. The Sinking City

the sinking city

The Sinking City will hit the market on March 21 and it is one of a kind game. First and foremost, this isn’t a sequel, it is a completely new game. It is set in the 20s in a city known as Oakdale. It was ruined after a battle of the gods and it is partially sunk. This is a horror game, so be prepared for serious gaming and serious scenes. It is fun, different and simply must be on your list of games to play in 2019.

The game offers you with countless clues. Your goal is to find those clues and to find the answers to the obvious questions. How will you find clues, how you interpret them and how you decide to play will result in the ending of the game.

5. Tom Clancy's The Division 2

tom clancy's the division 2

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 comes on March 15 and it is widely expected due to several reasons. We all know that the first game with this name was problematic, complicated and loaded with flaws. Eventually, Ubisoft made it better and more appealing to gamers. Eventually, it became a desirable game to play.

The new version is so much better. It doesn’t have all the drawbacks the first sequel had, it is more appealing to play and it has so much better graphics. In a new sequel, you will have to move through the United States which is in the civil war, fight your way and reach Washington DC. There will be several expansions for the game and there is Dark Zone option available already.

4. Devil May Cry 5

devil may cry 5

Surprise! The new, actual sequel of the Devil May Cry 4 is finally coming. The new sequel, simply known as Devil May Cry 5 is based on the same story and offers the same elements as the 4th version of the game. New and Dante are still in the game and in this version, you will see that Neo is driving around in his van and killing demons.

We surprised at the beginning simply because the game was scheduled for later in the year but it will be released sooner, on March 8. It is one of the best and the most expected games in the year 2019 and it is one that will restore the direction Devil May Cry 4 set.

3. Total War: Three Kingdoms

total war three kingdoms

On March 7, Total War: Three Kingdoms will be officially released. It isn’t a completely new game, as you all know. It is a new sequel to the popular strategy game. Previous versions were focused on Ancient Rome, Feudal Japan, and Europe so the new sequel doesn’t have obvious place to begin. Actually, there is one. The game will be set in China, during the era of three kingdoms, therefore the name.

The Total War: Three Kingdoms will still maintain popular and desirable gameplay and allow you to command a massive army. However, you still get the ability to lead the units separately, to construct all kinds of weapons and to enjoy hours conquering ancient China.

2. Dead or Alive 6

dead or alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 comes on March 1st and it is already one of the most desirable games you can think of. The game is completely redesigned and it finally eliminates the issues that were common for previous sequels. According to the team Ninja developers, the new sequel will be more about realistic fighting than any previous version. The fighters will sweat and even show bruises.

The new game is already-known for most players due to the well-known engine and immense popularity of the previous sequels. However, newbies will have a great time with the new version. It is said that it will be easy to comprehend and suitable for beginners who never played similar games.

1. Anthem


Anthem comes really soon, on February 22 and it has been one of the most expected games in several months. We all know that previous developments weren’t great and Anthem was postponed several times. Well, in this case, scenario, it is actually an advantage. Due to postponing, the game you will soon be able to play looks promising. We expect a lot from the game and we believe it is going to be one of the most popular games in the year.

Anthem will provide players who are known as Freelancers and they will fight monsters and natural threats. The suits players wear are fully customizable and upgradable, another benefit. The graphics is stunning so you can expect the best possible gameplay.

Stunning Games to be Released in 2019

Above you were able to see the best and the most thrilling games to be released in 2019 and we stand behind each one. All 14 games are stunning, they are either based on successful versions or movies and they are promising. It is just a matter of time when you will find the game from the list to be the most suitable for you and start playing.

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